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by Donald Rubinstein_music and lyrics composed and arranged by Donald Rubinstein. Produced by Donald Rubinstein_Recorded by Jud Haskins at Buffalo Studios, Santa Fe_Artwork above by Kiki Smith & Donald Rubinstein.

Ten unmastered tracks time years spent unburdening pain, the masterpiece, imagined as a train. One bliss, Antigonish, watching the waves haul in, everlasting undulations- sanguine shore, yonder stars, bludgeoning of blighted mourn ringing in my ears. Eternity. G-d took the beast and carried its existence. through the age of kindness.

2. Found poem shipwrecked on an abandoned coast, with half a broken pencil and G-d’s always lasting love-

into the bottle soon…


All tracks, written and performed by Donald Rubinstein: vocal, piano, guitar. Hank Roberts, cello/vocal harmonies, tracks 4,5,6,7. Les Malzman, strings track 7, electronic guitar. track 8, Katie Partridge, vocal, track 8. ETERNITY is the first in a projected trilogy, including a second recording of songs, and a third for Orchestra and Soloist.