"Discover the genius landscape that Donald Rubinstein has sculpted over the last few decades...This is the first time I have ever used the word "important" to describe an album. You need to hear these songs." Groovey, Adobe Airstream:The Magazine For Citizens of Culture


DONALD RUBINSTEIN made his musical debut at age 25 composing the score for George A. Romero’s cult classic, feature film, Martin. It was named one of the “Top 100 Coolest Soundtracks of All Time” by Mojo magazine (2002). Rubinstein's unique interdisciplinary approach includes; numerous film and television scores, 27 CDs of original music, multiple art exhibitions, three theatrical performance pieces, four books of poetry, and the creation of twenty short films.  

Fingers, a duet with guitarist Bill Frisell (Rhombus Records), was included on Jazziz Magazine’s 20th anniversary CD, A Celebration of the Modern Era, along with Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Charlie Haden, Cassandra Wilson and Tony Bennet.  He co-wrote "Ain't Nothin' Like a Friend" (Lakeshore Records), with Ed Harris for the director's feature film "Appaloosa." Donald has also collaborated with artists as varied as Terry Allen, Brother Blue, John Densmore, Peter Gordon, Gordon Gottlieb, Anna Halprin, Robin Holcomb, Lloyd Maines, Janice Meyerson, Ra-Kalam Bob Moses, Hani Naser, Kiki Smith, and many more.

Rubinstein was awarded a fellowship via nomination, from The Robert Rauschenberg Foundation in 2014. He has been exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art in collaboration with Kiki Smith, and in multiple one-person gallery exhibitions. There are three new Donald Rubinstein CDs currently in production, including 36 Year Serenade- selected recordings of Rubinstein songs by a variety of women artists. 


1. Music Composition for Film and Television.

2. Performance of original Americana / Pop songs, informed by improvisation, jazz harmony and modern classical music.

3. Gallery / Museum Exhibitions.


“A key influence on a film viewer's impression of story and character, is of course, Donald Rubinstein's experimental soundtrack…a mood-piece as introspective as it is prismatic.” Pop Matters

“George Romero’s deeply disturbing portrait of a modern day ‘vampire’ comes with an equally chilling score – haunting, minimalist jazz penned and performed by pianist-poet Donald Rubinstein…High art. One of the top 100 coolest film scores of all time.” Mojo Magazine

"Donald Rubinstein's novel, unpredictable, one-man show is hard to match…stunning, house-shaking...hauntingly beautiful.” LA Weekly

“What’s the source of Donald Rubinstein’s strange, jazzy, unique songs? Judging from his well concocted but often twisted work, Donald Rubinstein must have the oddest muse in the world, and also one of the best. He's got enough weird poetic/musical genius in his brain to rival Jim Morrison.” Santa Fe Reporter

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“Donald Rubinstein works in the higher arts. He composes soundtracks with music ranging from contemporary experimental classical, to jazz, rock and Americana…How does one come to terms with this work? After an introduction of spoken word the first song takes advantage of Lloyd Maine’s splitting steel guitar. He sounds as if he has returned with Joe Ely and The Clash to The Venue in London. Experimental Americana is all with “Strange Eye,” a song with the super clean feeling of a dream machine driven by jazz piano…This is not an easy album, but one which impresses deeply.” Alternative Country Magazine, Netherlands

“The music was composed and played by pianist Donald Rubinstein…minimal, sad, lovely, melancholy and touching.  Perfect for a moody flick.” New York Downtown Music Gallery

“Donald Rubinstein’s sonic pallet spans from the nakedly acoustic, to the eerily electronic, to the heroically symphonic. There are those, meditators, test pilots and oblivion seekers, who seek new horizons, vast landscapes, empty and aching with fresh possibility. Rubinstein is certainly to be counted among them.   Donald is an unequivocal card-carrying visionary.“ “Dawn Imagined” John Kruth

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