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by Donald Rubinstein

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"With only the quiet power of Bill Frisell’s guitar providing a backdrop, Donald Rubinstein has created an awesome display of the hold that music can have. “Time Again” is able to be majestic and deeply personal, displaying a solitary reflection that embraces humanity." Gajoob Magazine

“Songwriting genius Donald Rubinstein...Incredibly creative stuff. His music amazes me.” Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby

"A poet in a Dylanesque vein...Rubinstein's singing voice reminds me of a tired, more world-weary Bruce Springsteen. In the singer/songwriter vein, I’d rather hear Rubinstein than any of the more popular artists.” Cadence Magazine

“Donald Rubinstein is a man who creates in a hermitage of thought and feelings filled with crystalline structure and form, buried treasures, ancient memories-ultimately an incredible archeology and encyclopedia of musical forms that invite us into his own Emerald City.” Ric Lum Trend Magazine

“The quality and grace with which Donald Rubinstein fuses classical, traditional, medieval, folk, jazz fusion and rock is flawless…His music is superb.” Music 4 Film

"Blessed with a splendid singing voice, Donald Rubinstein is a remarkable talent who can be both very humorous, and deeply moving, coming from the corner of things" Heaven Magazine

“This isn’t background music. It’s cool. It’s night. It’s looking for an audience in a theater of alleys. I find it freeing and relaxing. A ghost in a sometimes-dead world of music, baying at the moon.” Music Dish

“Plays like the after-hours musing of a (much) hipper John Hiatt.” The New Times, Los Angeles

“Rubinstein’s music fascinates and captures our imagination. His songs are haunting in text and blend jazz, blues, folk and soul in their rendering. The sad, sultry, slightly raspy voice has the quality of a man worn down, The sounds and images linger long after.”

“I’m a witness, and I’m here to testify that Donald Rubinstein’s newest release is a musical revelation. “The Witness,” displays Rubinstein’s highly developed skills for mood-inducing orchestral pieces and jazz…this imaginative work, which displays both innovation and guts. I played “Music For Chamber Orchestra for a couple of my “Rock and Roll” buddies, and even they were impressed with the heavy emotional fever that drives this work. In order to describe it better, I fear I would have to wax poetic about the visual imagery it inspires within my twisted imagination…I am a firm believer in the power of The Witness.” Mic Line

“Rubinstein’s grizzled voice cracking with half-ironical desperation or descending to a conversational murmur…His tunes are instantly iconic.” Seattle Weekly

“A wildly diverse and exceptional beautiful album. Rubinstein’s musical pallet is vivid and varied…From midnight blues to exquisite orchestral pieces that dance between light and shadow…This is dream music where tender songs drift into dark musical landscapes and then back into morning light. A wonderful album.” Gajoob Magazine

"The amazing thing is that he can see and hear your heart. He says things you’ve been wanting to say, and when he says them, they suddenly make sense..."D" rules." George A. Romero, Director