Time Machine, Record Booth, 1961 (from 2015) Donald Rubinstein .png


by Donald Rubinstein


"Blessed with a splendid singing voice, Donald Rubinstein is a remarkable talent who can be both very humorous and deeply moving." Heaven Magazine (Netherlands)“

A poet...Rubinstein's singing voice reminds me of a tired, more world-weary Bruce Springsteen. In the singer/songwriter vein, I’d rather hear Rubinstein than any of the more popular artists.” Cadence Magazine

"Rubinstein’s unique perspective, equally informed by the wide-ranging implications of multimedia conceptual art, and by the immediacy and sincerity of classic roots-driven songwriting, makes for a refreshing and insightful listening experience." CD Universe

“With only the quiet power of Bill Frisell's guitar providing a backdrop, Donald Rubinstein has created an awesome display of the hold that music can have...I’ve had this playing over and over for many months and it changes with me, like the best expressions do. “Time Again” is able to be majestic and deeply personal, displaying a solitary reflection that embraces humanity. The music has a free, improvisational feel throughout that is more blues than anything else, which I believe establishes a foundation for the emotions it speaks so beautifully...A treasure. Gajoob Magazine

“The quality and grace with which Donald Rubinstein fuses classical, traditional, medieval, folk, jazz fusion and rock is flawless…His music is superb.” Music 4 Film

“Songwriting genius Donald Rubinstein…Incredibly creative stuff…his music amazes me.” Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby

"Donald Rubinstein: Ultimately, an incredible archaeology and encyclopedia of musical forms that invite us into his own Emerald City...His music and art defy categorization.”               Trend Magazine

"Rubinstein’s voice was raw. He played piano beautifully...unusually eccentric things...He inspires you to do something that stirs within.”  KYPA, Los Angeles

“The music was composed and played by pianist Donald Rubinstein…minimal, sad, lovely, melancholy and touching.  Perfect for a moody flick.” New York Downtown Music Gallery

“His tunes are instantly iconic.” Seattle Weekly

“Martin and Pollock both represent the striking musical vision of composer Donald Rubinstein...distinguished by a singular “indie” voice- a cool, rebellious vibe developed long before that term was fashionable.”  “Donald Rubinstein’s Works of Art” by Daniel Schweiger

"Donald Rubinstein’s imaginative work displays both innovation and guts. In order to describe it better, I fear I would have to wax poetic about the visual imagery it inspires within my twisted imagination…I am a firm believer.” Mic Line  



"I'd Rather Be a Wanderer"