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by Donald Rubinstein


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"With only the quiet power of Bill Frisell’s guitar providing a backdrop, Donald Rubinstein has created an awesome display of the hold that music can have.  “Time Again” is able to be majestic and deeply personal, displaying a solitary reflection that embraces humanity." Gajoob Magazine

"A poet in a Dylanesque vein, Rubinstein's singing voice reminds me of a tired, more world-weary Bruce Springsteen. In the singer/songwriter vein, I’d rather hear Rubinstein than any of the more popular artists.” Cadence Magazine

"Blessed with a splendid singing voice, Donald Rubinstein is a remarkable talent who can be both very humorous and deeply moving." Heaven Magazine (Netherlands)

“Songwriting genius Donald Rubinstein...Incredibly creative stuff.  His music amazes me.” Derek Sivers, Founder CD Baby

“The striking musical vision of composer Donald Rubinstein is distinguished by a singular “indie” voice - a cool, rebellious vibe developed long before that term was fashionable.” Donald Rubinstein’s Works of Art by Daniel Schweiger

“The quality and grace with which Donald Rubinstein fuses classical, traditional, medieval, folk, jazz fusion and rock is flawless…His music is superb.” Music 4 Film    

“The music was composed and played by pianist Donald Rubinstein…minimal, sad, lovely, melancholy and touching.   Perfect for a moody flick.” New York Downtown Music Gallery

“Donald Rubinstein works in the higher arts…This is not an easy album, but one which impresses deeply.” Alternative Country Magazine

“Complex scores of moving sound poetry, folk tunes that bop and rock, storytelling with a deep funky soul. Donald Rubinstein is a man who creates in a hermitage of thought and feelings filled with crystalline structure and form, buried treasures, ancient memories-ultimately an incredible archeology and encyclopedia of musical forms that invite us into his own Emerald City.” Trend Magazine

“Imagine Zappa’s Lumpy Gravy, and you’ll know what Donald means by ‘End of the Trail’ and ‘Lonely Try’.  Imagine John Lennon making an album with Yoko that you actually want to listen to more than once...This isn’t background music. It’s cool. It’s night. It’s looking for an audience in a theater of alleys.  I find it freeing and relaxing. A ghost in a sometimes-dead world of music, baying at the moon.” Music Dish

"The amazing thing is that he can see and hear your heart. He says things you’ve been wanting to say, and when he says them, they suddenly make sense...Donald Rubinstein rules." George A. Romero