“If I could work with "D" on every film I ever made, I’d do it...He comes into the room, wants to know what the film’s about, and then works with you to completely realize the film for what it’s meant to be. He’s the purest guy I’ve ever worked with. He's an absolute innocent. He’s there to do the work, and you’ve got to respect that." George A. Romero, Director 2007

“The striking musical vision of composer Donald Rubinstein…Preferring to color his own work with relatively smaller ensembles, experimental jazz, exotic instruments, haunting voices and instantly memorable themes, Rubinstein’s novel cinematic approach is distinguished by a singular “indie” voice- a cool, rebellious vibe developed long before that term was fashionable.” “Donald Rubinstein’s Works of Art” by Daniel Schweiger


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Martin (1977) Directed by George A. Romero, score

Knightriders (1981) Directed by George A. Romero, score

Tales From The Darkside (1984-1987) Main Title and episodic music, Television Series. score

Monsters (1988) Main title Television Series, score

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie (1990) Directed by John Harrison, score

The Summer of My Deflowering (1999) Directed by Susan Streitfeld, score

Bruiser (2000) Directed by George A. Romero, score

Pollock (2000) Directed by Ed Harris, (Commissioned, Unused Score)

Tangled Up In Bob (2007) Directed by Mary Feidt, score and songs

The Open Door (2008) Directed by Doc Duhame, songs

Appaloosa (2008) Directed by Ed Harris, song co-written with Ed Harris for soundtrack release.

Dirty Step Upstage (2009) Directed by Amber Moelter, score

Absolutely Nothing Next 22 Miles, A Fugue For Motorcycle (2012) Directed by Miguel Grunstein, score

Unlikely Friends (2012) Directed by Leslie Neale, songs

Blender (2015) Directed by Susann Reck, score

Cold City Heaven (2017) Directed by Donald Rubinstein, score

Painting / Unpainting (2017) Video by James Drake, Music by Donald Rubinstein


NPRIn the Studio :  Composer Donald Rubinstein on George A. Romero's Legacy  


                           Street Shadow, 2018   

                        Street Shadow, 2018


PopMATTERS Mar 16, 2018, "George A. Romero's 'Martin': On Lasting Intimacy with a Cult Cinema Vampire"

by A. Loudermilk

“Donald Rubinstein's experimental soundtrack for Martin is a baroque fusion of jazz, string quartet, and electronic piano...At a less-is-more 36 minutes, Rubinstein's soundtrack for Martin is packed with innovation and psychological ticks. Dealt like a Rorschach test for the ear, the 22 tracks often feel like sound poems to me...The music creeps or frets about one's personal space, neurotically scoring one's life, a mood-piece as introspective as it is prismatic. I asked Rubinstein if, when meeting fans like myself, do they tend to speak of the soundtrack in personal terms? "Yes, they have done so," he said, expressing gratitude and speaking of it as "a creative and emotional bond." A bond on par with fan response to the film itself, evidence of just how deeply idiosyncratic, how rightly fused, are Romero's film and Rubinstein's music.”